Comprehensive rehabilitation of yard and pool with mobile bottom

Comprehensive rehabilitation of yard and pool with mobile bottom

El Masnou, Barcelona.

We enter the interior patio of one of the traditional “popular houses” of El Masnou, in the Maresme region, Barcelona.

The main objective of the project was the comprehensive renovation of the yard of the house, in which we had to design a newly built pool, improve the use of the yard and include a staircase to guarantee the uses of the different floors of the yard. This allowed us to directly relate the ground floor to the solarium on the first floor.

Location: El Masnou, Barcelona
Area: 118 m2
Year: 2022
Collaborators: Oliver Segura Arquitectura + Cebrià Arquitectura
Photography: Marío Martínez

The project has various strategies for using space and circulation between the different pieces of the yard, such as the inclusion of a pool with a movable bottom, which allows us to enjoy the entire space on cold days.

One of the key points of the project was the unification of the level of the existing pavements, allowing us to eliminate barriers and create better use of the yard, also enhancing the image of the arches as an atrium and the existing mine fountain at the end of the yard.

As a final result of the project, we can say that it was decided to combine tradition and modernity, prioritizing the rationality of the spaces and their use.

Always under the premise ofenhance the traditional materials of the region, and also include others such as travertine limestone, green roller blinds and white metalwork.

A precise balance between tradition and modernity

Much attention is paid to the use of space, keeping in mind the ability to enjoy it at any time of the year.